The COMPLETE Soot Sprite Sticker Collection

This listing is for the COMPLETE soot sprite sticker collection which includes part 1 and part 2 for a total of 17 die-cut vinyl soot sprite stickers. These stickers range in size from 2"-4". This is the ultimate gift for soot sprite lovers!


You will receive 17 stickers total, one of each of the following designs: Burning Bacon, Miss Witch, Forest Friend, Chihiro, Wolf Princess, Sophie, Ballerina, Sleepytime, Soot Sprite with Friends, Wind Valley, Sky Castle, Tiny Borrower, Baron, Ham Princess, Pretty Wizard, Forest Spirit, and Haku. Please note that the Forest Spirit and Haku stickers are 4", while the rest are 2.5".


♡ Size: Each Sticker is 2"-4" in Size (See Above Description)

♡ Material: High-Gloss Clear Vinyl Laminate

♡ Water Resistant & UV Resistant

♡ Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use


The COMPLETE Soot Sprite Sticker Collection

  • The sticker is water resistant and UV resistant with a high-gloss clear vinyl gloss laminate finish. The sticker is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.