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About the Artist

Hi there! My name is Maggie and I'm the owner and artist of the small business Miniature Inspirations. 


From a young age I always loved creating art in different forms that included drawing, sculpting, and more. I decided I wanted to be an artist and pursued my dream as I got older. I studied at the University of Maryland and earned a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. 


I started Miniature Inspirations as a way to share my artwork with the local community around me. I want my art to inspire, impact, and help others whether it is through a sculpture of a pet portrait, an animal sculpture, or a fandom creation. I opened my business in 2013 and have been enjoying sharing my needle felt sculptures with people from all over the world! My work has been exhibited in art shows, art exhibitions, and sold at fine arts festivals, conventions, and markets.

When I'm not exhibiting at an art show or convention, I teach Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students as a visual arts teacher at a private school in Maryland. I also can be found petting stray cats, eating lots of pasta, and exploring the world around me! 


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