Felted Smol Plague Doctor Sculpture

This listing is for ONE needle felted smol plague doctor sculpture. Original art was created by A small red bean that draws things (Facebook @SentientLine). These little guys can be safety pinned to your shoulder and are wearable. Travel everywhere and spread the word of the ded! 


You can choose to have the arms 2D on the body, or 3D tiny arms raised in the air. You can also choose to have the glasses shine on your plague doctor, or not shine (diagonal white line on the glasses).


♡ Size: 2" wide x 3-3 1/2" tall

♡ Material: Various Soft Wools that Can Include: merino, corriedale, alpaca, and carded mixed wool.

♡ Handmade in Maryland


If you are interested in a different size, different colors, or different dimensions, please use our "Contact" page!

Felted Smol Plague Doctor Sculpture