Moonlight Memoirs Hardcover Book by Maggie Mei Lewis

This award-winning picture book by young author Maggie Mei Lewis utilizes a unique approach to answering a child's questions regarding loss. Moonlight Memoirs follows the adventure of two young mice wandering through shadows on moonlit snow. While on their journey, they meet an older mouse determined to teach them one of life's most treasured lessons. Through exquisite wildlife illustrations by Melody Lea Lamb and comforting verse, Moonlight Memoirs reminds us that the love of family and friends exists forever. This universal story of eternal love reaches beyond cultural and religious boundaries as it reassures the child that everything will be all right, no matter what happens to their loved ones. 

An enchanting tale which will delight people of all ages at any time, Moonlight Memoirs is an exceptional resource for children seeking comfort and hope during times of any type of loss, including loss of family, friends, or pets.



WINNER, Spirituality Category --2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

GOLD SEAL, Best Fiction, Mid-Atlantic Region; SILVER SEAL, Inspiration/Spirituality Category; SILVER SEAL, Children's Picture Book, All Ages; SEAL OF APPROVAL --2010 Young Voices Foundation Book Awards

A child's growing awareness of the mortality of people and pets prompts a natural curiosity about what happens after death...In this picture book, young author Maggie Mei Lewis shares a comfortiing view of an afterlife where the living are loved and watched over by the people and animals who have left life before them. -- --Foreword Clarion Reviews


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Moonlight Memoirs Hardcover Book by Maggie Mei Lewis